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Bike Safety

Keeping your Bike Safe

At Denbigh Primary we encourage that active travel is the established travel behaviour for all local destinations e.g. school, local shops and parks. Hopefully you’ll never be in a situation where your bike has been stolen but as a precaution please follow this simple advice from Bedfordshire Police.


To help reunite you with your bike if it is found, mark it and register it with one of the police recognised schemes and databases.


 is a free national registration database for cycles and other personal property.


Bedfordshire Police ask that you make a note of the frame number, which can usually be found underneath the bottom bracket or on the rear forks. Most of the databases allow you to record other details, such as the make, model, and colour of the bike and other distinguishing features; all of which is worthwhile. You can download our bike card and keep it in a safe place to help remind you.


Here is a checklist of things you can do:

 Always lock your bike if leaving it unattended.

 Choose a place to lock your bike where there are lots of people and a high

level of natural surveillance.

 Invest in a good quality lock. D-shaped are usually the best.

 Add your bike to your home contents insurance.

 Lock both the wheel and frame to make your bike more secure.

 Make sure that any quick release and detachable items such as wheels,

saddles and lights are either secured or removed and taken with you.

 If your bike is stolen report it immediately by visiting your local police

station or calling 101.

Bike Card