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Different Colours of Music


Denbigh Primary School is taking part in a two year ERASMUS project, funded by the British Council, with five other countries – Italy, Greece, Poland, France, and Portugal. The project entitled, ‘Different Colours Of Music’, has been designed around a fairy tale about a poor little boy who journeys through Europe in search of fulfilment and success using music as his guide. He learns about traditional music and dances, local musical instruments, local disabled musicians and local languages. In each country he experiences something special, such as music therapy, playing instruments made from recycled materials and developing instruments for the disabled. At the end of the journey, the little boy is enriched, understands how to use his talents and above all how to value his own abilities and those of others in an inclusive society. The project will culminate in a great theatrical production of the fairy tale, performed by an inclusive orchestra, choir and group of actors. This will take place during the last international meeting, which will be held in Italy.



The activities will be carried out both locally and transnationally. Professional musicians will be responsible for composing songs and conducting workshops for pupils. There will be a number of rehearsals and public concerts until the last big exhibition of the fairy tale. The most important activities to be completed during the two years of project include: learning about foreign partners’ instruments, songs, and dances; developing playing and singing skills; learning to express emotions through instruments and composing music, using digital technology.


One of the main objectives of the project is to promote the awareness of human, cultural and linguistic diversity, through music as a teaching resource in everyday practice. We also aim to develop amongst all pupils, a sense of achievement and self worth; to teach them how to overcome prejudices; to foster equity and inclusion; to enhance the ability to express themselves through music and give them the opportunity to experience the awe and wonder that immersion in such an art can bring to the soul.


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