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Sport and Physical Education at Denbigh Primary School

Physical Education at Denbigh Primary School sets the highest expectations of all pupils. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive high quality P.E. programme to develop physical literacy. Our competitive sport programme is embedded in the school culture and ethos promoting lifelong success.


The sports on offer at Denbigh Primary School include football, tag rugby, tennis, hockey, athletics, badminton, netball, cricket, basketball, boccia, tri golf, handball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, rounders, orienteering, table tennis, tchoukball, boxing, cycling, volleyball, new age kurling, trampoline gymnastics, gymnastics, and dance. Pupils also experience swimming during year 4 and year 6. We believe that there is a sport for every pupil and therefore our curriculum also includes alternate and modified sports. There are also excellent fitness opportunities which the whole school participates in daily. All pupils in KS2 have to opportunity to develop leadership skills during the whole school fitness. Denbigh Primary School provides a wide-range of sports enrichment activities that are open to pupils of all abilities enabling greater physical literacy development.

We recognise that sport is a catalyst for personal development and therefore we have embedded competitive sport into the culture and ethos of the school. Our programme of competitive sport is linked to the house system. Competitions take place on a regular basis usually during lunchtime.

Our school sports committee is made up of 16 pupils. The committee consists of house sports captains and vice captains in charge of intra-house competitions with roles ranging from getting a team together to taking on a role of leadership and officiating during the competitions. Our captains are role models and are the ‘voice’ in determining extracurricular activities on offer. We also have Change4Life Champions and Bronze Young Ambassadors to inspire pupils to participate in physical activity while promoting the Olympic and Paralympics values.


Students will be assessed in P.E.  to ensure the different contexts our children experience enhance cognitive, creative, physical, health & wellbeing and social skills. Each of these assessment domains will be assessed using the descriptors evolving, achieving or outstanding.


Sport is celebrated during our National Sports Week and our annual sports awards presentation.


“P.E. has helped me in Maths and Science because I can lead times tables and co-operate

with my partner in rally coach. In Science it helps me carry out a fair test like in a fair game during P.E.”.

Raheel Furqan – Year 5 Pupil


“At Denbigh Primary School we have lots of equipment for break and lunchtime.

That’s how I improved in sports, especially netball. I am now the captain”.

Umaiza Choudhry - Year 5 Pupil


“Introducing fantastic sports has changed my life. It’s all because of Mr West and the other teachers at Denbigh. Physical Education is my best subject. It has built up my confidence”.

Aisha Khatun – Year 5 Pupil