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Personal, Social, Health Education

At Denbigh Primary School we provide children with learning experiences which enable them to become healthier, more independent and more responsible members of society.

We encourage our pupils to play positive roles in contributing to the life of the school and of the wider community, and to appreciate what it means to be positive members of a diverse and multi-cultural society.


Our children experience the process of democracy through participation in the election of the School Council and the Eco-Council.  


The PSHE curriculum is enhanced by the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) which supports our children in making the right choices, dealing appropriately with different situations and making positive contributions to society.


The SEAL programme concentrates on a series of 6 themes throughout the year. These 6 themes are the same in every year group allowing children to make continual progress throughout their time in school. The SEAL themes are ‘New Beginnings,’ ‘Getting On and Falling Out,’ ‘Going for Goals,’ ‘Good to be Me,’ ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changes.’


Early Years

Our teaching in PSHE matches the aims of developing a child's personal, emotional and social development as set out in the Early Learning Goals. This area of learning is about emotional well-being, knowing who you are, where you fit in and feeling good about yourself. It develops respect for others, social competence and a positive disposition to learn.


Key Stage One

Children take part in a variety of activities including whole class and small group discussions where they learn the basic rules and skills for keeping themselves healthy and safe and for behaving well.


In the classroom they have opportunities to show that they can take some responsibility for themselves and for their environment. They begin to understand their own and other people's feelings and become aware of the views, needs and rights of other children and older people.


As members of a class and school community, they learn the social skills of how to share, take turns, play, help others, and resolve simple conflicts, and begin to take an active part in the life of their school.

The children are taught that bullying is wrong, and what they need to do to address it.


Key Stage Two

As they mature, our children are encouraged to become more independent and self-confident and to make informed decisions about their own health and environment.


They learn to take more responsibility, individually and as a group, for their own learning and to develop a sense of moral responsibility.


In Key Stage 2 the children are given increased opportunities to take part more fully in school and community activities.


Denbigh Primary School supports and encourages the children as they begin to develop into young adults and face the challenges of the onset of puberty and the imminent transfer to secondary school.