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September 2020: Pupils in Year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

Dear Parents and Carers,


Staff and Governors at Denbigh Primary School are looking forward to welcoming back all pupils in Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 from Thursday 3rd September


Whilst the start of this new academic year may still be impacted recent events, I would like to assure parents and carers that we have adhered to guidance provided and that the school is ready and prepared to welcome your children back to full-time education. 


In order to ensure that the school meets government guidelines on social distancing during this initial stage of welcoming children back to school, a staggered timetable has been created for pupils in Year 1; Year 2; Year 3; Year 4; Year 5; and Year 6.


As you will see from the table below, year groups will be starting and ending their school day at different times and from different entrances. We would like to encourage parents and carers to ensure that their children are brought to school and are collected at the times indicated. 


We are aware that many of our families have more than one child who will be attending our school and that they may be starting and finishing at different times. We want to avoid families having to make multiple trips to and from school. If you have more than one child attending, siblings can be brought to the lower school hall at 8:30am where members of school staff will escort them to their classrooms. Siblings can also be collected together at 2:30pm from the same area. This facility is available for siblings only; and not for family members who do not live in the same household.


The School Day from Thursday 3rd September.



The Denbigh Road and Cavendish Road entrances will be open from 8:30am until 9:00am. Parents can bring their child/children directly to the classrooms anytime between 8:30am and 9:00.


At the end of the school day, gates will be open from 2:30pm until 3:00pm. Parents can come and collect their child/children at any time between 2:30pm and 3:00pm.


Year 1 and 2 children should enter and leave via the Denbigh road entrance. 


Year 3,4,5 and 6 children should enter through the Cavendish Road entrance. 


We have left these times open so that families with multiple children have time to drop-off and collect from each classroom.






Breakfast Club and After-School Clubs


We will be unable to run our Breakfast Club or After-School Clubs at the very start of the new term as we are required to avoid mixing pupils in different year groups wherever possible. However, we will review this on a very regular basis with a view to bringing these provisions back in as soon as possible.

School Lunches


All year group lunch times will be staggered to reduce the number of pupils in immediate contact during this time. Lunches will be taken in our school canteen and lower school hall and will consist of 'grab bags.' 


Parents are permitted to provide their child with a prepared packed-lunch should they wish to. However, we request that lunches provided contain everything the child will need to eat their lunch, as we will be unable to provide cutlery. 


Pupils will not be able to go home for dinners at this stage.

Uniform and Belongings


School uniform purchases can be made at the following times:


Tuesday 1st September 2020             11.00am - 1.00pm

Wednesday 2nd September 2020        11.00am - 1.00pm


Uniform will be sold in the Lower School Hall, please enter via Cavendish Road. (Social distancing measures will be in place).



All pupils should wear school uniform to school each day. P.E. lessons will be taking place on designated days for each year group. Your child will be informed of when they will need to bring their PE kit into school.


Children should not bring any pieces of equipment to school at all. All resources required for the school day will be provided within in each classroom. Bags should remain at home. 


Pupils will be able to take and return reading books from our school library that will be prepared by the class teachers. 

Contacting School


Family workers, members of the school senior leadership team and class teachers will be available at the start and end of the school day to communicate brief pieces of information. More detailed communications will need to be made via telephone as we will have restricted access to the main school building.



These plans will remain in place during the start of the academic year. The school Governors and Senior Leadership Team will continue to monitor and evaluate procedures during this period.