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Wider School Reopening: Year 6

Year 6 bubbles for w/c 29th June are now full.


Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you for confirming that your child will be returning to school from Wednesday 10th June. Here are some key pieces of information you will require:


Start and Finish Times

Monday - Thursday : start time: 9:30am (children must be here on time and must be brought to school by one parent)

finish time: 3:15pm (children must be collected on time and must be collected by one parent, pupils will not be permitted to walk home alone)


Friday: start time: 9:30am (same arrangements)

finish time: 1:15pm (same arrangements)


Entrance and exit: Please use the Cavendish Road for drop-off and collection. Spaces have been marked on the school playground for individual parents to wait whilst dropping off and collecting.


Lunch: All children will receive a school lunch. Lunches from home cannot be brought into school.


Water bottles: It is advised that pupils bring their own water bottle into school.


Belongings: Pupils should not bring bags or equipment from home into school.


Clothing: Pupils are not expected to wear school uniform. It is advised that pupils wear comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. Pupils should wear different clean clothing each day.

Parents should also ensure that their child has had a breakfast before they arrive at school.

Members of school staff will be available at the Cavendish Road entrance to guide you to your child's drop-off point.